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PEACECORE, INC is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and spotlights organizations that qualify as exempt under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Learn more.

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We are professionals with a philanthropic view who care about changing the world. . We admire the creative genius in each other and our success is tied to our individual and shared purposes. Learn more.
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You are about to discover some of the wondrous people, places and organizations that inspired us to create bUneke Magazine. Our world is filled with many people who have set out to make a change in others, to help one another, to better lives. We think that’s inspiring. What inspires you?
  1. Saving Their Homes
    Saving Their Homes
  2. Finding Your Tribe
    Finding Your Tribe
  3. How to bUneke
    How to bUneke
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What You'll Discover in the pages of bUneke Magazine:

Saving Our Home

What Does it Take to bUneke?

Learn simple ways to change daily habits to help our out our natural environment. Show you care by talking the time to discover how you can be a world-changer and a difference-maker yourself!


Finding Your Tribe

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